OSL currently undertake OLE design works and management. This includes associated E&P works in support of OLE such as HV substations, cable routing, cable containment, testing and commissioning of power supplies.


OLE Capability statement


OSL have an efficient team covering (but not limited to) the following disciplines to support OLE design:

  • Electrical,
  • Mechanical,
  • Civil,
  • Structural,
  • BIM, 2D & 3D CAD
  • Permanent Way

The team structure also supports:

  • CRE’s,
  • CEM’s,
  • Principal, Senior and Design Engineers,
  • CAD and technician levels


360 Survey

The OLE Survey capability is supported by our use of a 360-degree camera system, which we use to provide a view unique to the site. This assists with design and can be annotated with information and measurements and then directly imported into BIM tools.

A major benefit of the package is the health and safety application of using it in locations to reduce staff visits.

The typical survey work undertaken:

  • LV and HV substations;
  • Power cabling and routes, UTX/OTX;
  • Power / load monitoring;
  • Bonding and Building Services.


Our OLE designers can deliver high quality designs on any standards used in railways. We have an adept resource base and in depth knowledge of different overhead equipment systems.

Our experience in OLE/OHL design includes:

  • Route Map
  • General Supply Diagram
  • Wiring and sectioning diagram
  • Location plan for TSS, SP and SSP
  • Base designs
  • Gantry structural design and BoQ
  • Staging plans
  • Layout Plans
  • 3D Modelling
  • CSD/SED Drawing
  • Switching Station and Sub Station Designs
    • Foundation Layout
    • Structure AFC drawings
    • Cable Run Layout
    • As built Drawings
  • Selection of switch gear
  • Bus bar Layout
  • Earthing System
  • Bonding Design.

Installation & Testing

OSL have a team that can install and test the work designed by the OLE and E&P designers either in-house design or with external design. Although we do not undertake the OLE main gantry, stanchions or catenary installation ourselves, we can Project Manage subcontractors for this element of works.

Our Construction team are lead by Construction CREs, and can be supported by strong team leaders and installers.This enables OSL to access, undertake isolations and work on HV Substations.

Relevant Experience

Our team has experience of and worked on the following projects:

  • West Coast Main Line design and standards for the electrification, M&E and E&P;
  • HV AC/DC traction power supply protection upgrade Mersey rail (15 Substation);
  • Installation of DC rectifier substations, on the Manchester Airport line, also installation of 6 & 11Kv AC RMU/ Switchgear/ HV/LV cable routing and earthling requirements;
  • 25kVA OLE Power Design for Ardwick depot, HV Distribution, LV distribution, Protection relay and SCADA interface & design;
  • Eurostar Depot Stratford, Olympic Village modification works.