Introducing a transformational change to how infrastructure projects are delivered.


OSL BIM capability statement

BIMevoke, part of the OSL group, are a specialist Digital Engineering consultancy that are capable of delivering 3D design and Building Information Modelling to clients.

The pairing allows for new build detail design and integration into the rail industry with processes such as DEA (Digitising of Existing Assets), which provides data rich models for improved asset lifecycle management through our bespoke software navigation package.

With a range of 3D and BIM services, we work as direct consultants, assessing traditional workflows and implementing BIM in accordance with BS1192 and PAS 1192 standards.

We can offer expertise in the creation of Augmented Reality applications for industry, bringing detailed 2D drawings to life to enhance the design and delivery process and can also provide in-house training programmes ranging from 3D fundamentals through to advanced BIM courses. The training can take place in the client’s offices, if preferred.

Services Overview

With over 15 years direct industry experience and a varied client database, the team work on small, medium and large construction and engineering projects in the UK.

The team consists of highly knowledgeable and experienced multidisciplinary designers from all fields of industry such as Rail, Water and Wastewater Treatment, Petrochemical and Nuclear. BIMevoke has gained multiple 3D Design and Engineering awards.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality has numerous applications from design reviews through to operation and maintenance in the field. Engineers making on site repairs to equipment can see superimposed 3D imagery using their smart device.

The procedure might highlight an image of the tool that they need, the app can illustrate the exact motion the engineer needs to undertake to perform the task at hand. The augmented reality system can label all the important parts.

Complex procedural repairs can be broken down into a series of simple steps. Simulations can be used to train technicians, which can significantly reduce training expenses.

We are specialists in the creation of Augmented Reality Applications for industry, enhancing the design and delivery process. Demonstrations can be given in person or with easy to follow links.

Digitising of Existing Assets (DEA)

Our typical DEA projects consist of the following:

  • All asset data accessed via SQL database;
  • Database configured to tie in to clients own asset management systems;
  • Physical server supplied to client for large projects;
  • Latest laser scan technology used to map photographs to high res point cloud;
  • Full point cloud scans supplied to client;
  • Scans can be accessed over the internet via Webshare, or via stand alone memory stick;
  • Data rich 3D BIM models of maintainable Assets.

survey works

By creating a ‘virtual site visit’ we have been able to reduce the number of physical site visits for multi-discipline design and engineering teams and also the number of repeat inspections. Additionally, any type of document can be linked to any pixel in any part of the site, allowing it to serve as a one-stop document base for all project information. More information can be found in the service brochure.

bim training

Flexible training to suit you.

2D to BIM transition training;

  • Basic 3D Modelling
  • Advanced 3D Modelling
  • Introduction to BIM
  • Advanced BIM training: (intelligent modelling packages)
  • Pilot project, with on-going mentoring
  • All discipline, project staff BIM orientation training
  • Evening courses available at our office in Warrington.