St Helena Water


Support to Sustainability Water Management In St Helena. St Helena is a UK Overseas Territory, located in the mid South Atlantic with an area of 47sq miles and a population of 3,900. Its socio-economic situation is characterised by isolation and a declining population, which has resulted in a shortage of capacity in a number of sectors, including those related to natural resource management and the provision of water services.

In 2005, DFID approved a project to develop an airport which is expected to become operational in 2012/13 and is anticipated to boost immigration, tourism and economic development. This will put additional pressure on the island’s infrastructure which in some cases (and particularly in the water sector) is struggling to keep pace with existing demands.

This project has been developed as part of the island’s Infrastructure Review and should be considered a prerequi- site for all future investment in the water sector. It addresses key institutional, management and technical issues required to:

  • (a) effectively support implementation of new capital works projects
  • (b) cost effectively provide an adequate level of service to customers and
  • (c) manage and protect ground and surface water resources


OSL supplied the overall Process and MEICA resource right from Project Management through to detail designers for this unique project in the South Atlantic in support of Fairhursts, the main consultant contracted to the St Helena Government.



Client: Fairhurst / St Helena Government
Location: St Helena, South Atlantic
Overview: Sustainable Water Resource Treatment and Supply improvements island wide
Schedule Oct 10 - May 12
Updated Schedule: May 12 - Feb 13