London Tramlink Croydon Depot CCTV – Video Analytics Pilot Scheme


Croydon Tramlink system in London, has an existing analogue CCTV system both within the confines of its main Tramlink depot and out on its network.

The existing system facilitates for the recording and monitoring of images occurring on the network, but should an event occur it means a considerable amount of review time to locate “or track” desired instances, objects or persons.

A pilot system was commissioned to utilising best available technology to elevate persistent issues in monitoring everything effectively. Even observing just a single screen for long periods pushes operators concentration to the limit – after only 20 minutes, an operator can miss as much as 90% of the activity in a scene.

Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) helps operators stay focused by introducing a new level of automation to CCTV monitoring. Edge-based, real-time processing identifies alert conditions, giving security teams the information it needs to react swiftly and take action.


OSL Rail Ltd, was commissioned to provide the following services:

  • Full Detailed Design, Utilising Bosch CCTV & Security
  • Installation of Civil, Structural, Electrical and CCTV infrastructure and services
  • Commissioning of Video Analytics system for Real-time Tracking and after event analysis.



Client: Transport for London
Location: Croydon, London, UK.
Overview: Deliver a pilot scheme for the management of visualisation, monitoring and recording.
Schedule April 13 — Aug 13
Value: £72,000.00