Brookhurst Wood, Mechanical Biological Treatment and Gas


West Sussex County Councils black bag household rubbish is taken to Brookhurst Wood. However, this rubbish is no longer being sent straight to landfill, instead Biffa separates and treats this rubbish at a new Mechanical Bio- logical Treatment facility.

Additionally to ensure the new process plant is carbon neutral 2 No. Gas turbines are installed to provide all the plants power needs by recovery of gas exported by the existing Landfill waste as part of the biological breakdown of buried waste.

OSL was engaged to provide consultancy services for the Logistics, Electrical and Waste Recovery systems to be employed on the site. To also act as Client liaison with chosen construction and supplier contractors.


OSL were commissioned to provide the following services:-

  • Design Consultancy and Check of Chosen Construction Contractors
  • Suppliers Site support for the construction of the works by Subcontractors



Client: MWH / Biffa
Location: Brookhurst Wood, Nr Horsham, London
Overview: Provision of Design Consultancy Services
Value: £102,000